Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I don't even know what to name this post since its been almost 2 years since my last post! I guess I always found myself too busy or didn't know exactly what to say. Maybe I feel like nothing we are doing is that interesting. I feel that way now but I feel a want or need to vent or talk about the littlest things on my mind or even the big things, I suppose. HA!

 Lucas was SO little when I posted last. He was only just smiling which is unbelievable to me! In the first year, he rolled over, crawled, grew 8 teeth, and stole my heart. in the second year he started walking, running, talking and has now started speaking almost full sentences. He is 2 and 2 months now and his favorite things are food (even though I cant get him to gain anything no matter how much fat I feed him.) Caillou, singing, dancing, and Daddy!

 We still have our little dog Penny and added 2 white cats to the family last October. They are a joy and a pain at the same time. Anything of a young age just has to get into EVERYTHING it seems! :) Last year, January 6th - May 20th, CJ took a "little trip" to Iraq. He was deployed there for almost 5 months. During that time was tough but we paid off all our debt besides our house and had plans to finish our backyard when he got home. We spent a lot of time skyping but was still hard as it was day there, when it was night here and visa versa. he had wifi in the airport that he worked out so there were a lot of late nights for me skyping/texting. We sent a lot of messages and texts of Skype. Lucas missed him and we watched a lot of videos of dad reading that he sent us. When he got home, it was as if he never left. Lucas walked right up to him and gave him a hug in the airport. It was very sweet.

 When he got home, he went back to his job at Atlantic Aviation and then lost it in September. He has been jobless ever since. he has been doing a lot of two week trainings with the air force which is keeping us afloat month to month with a sweet tax return that I wish we could have played with but ended up being used to bills which is okay!

 This month marks 2 years in our house. I don't have a whole lot to say about that except that its been two years and we are still in toe process of painting and haven't decorated yet! ha ha!

 I don't know if anybody is curious about my family but Ashley & Zac had their baby girl Olivia in August of last year. Landon served his 2 years in Guatemala and returned home the 16th of last month, and nick has been in two shows at hale center theater recently. He was in Joseph and the technicolored dream coat and he is in the U.S. premier of Zorro right now. He does amazing! Colton is doing really good in school and playing the french horn in school and in the Jordan Youth Symphony. Alex started middle school this year and is playing the trumpet. and hunter is 5th grade. (I think) he might be in 4th. :S (ASHLEY... CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG)

 Starting November of last year, I took on one of my dreams and started photography. I have always been doing photography but not getting paid for it. I did several free sessions to work up my portfolio and now I am taking off. I did my first wedding last week and it turned out well. If you want to see some of my work go check it out on facebook "Life Done Digital" I have a blog to for and my B.I.L. is in the process of helping me put up a website at for those of you who don't know, I also do digital scrapbooking and cards as well. I started with that and then decided to add photography to it. That is pretty much it in the last two years! I say this EVERY time... but I am going to try to be better to post at least once a week and post pictures. comment if you read this. I am curious!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lucas & House

Life comes at you way to fast. Especially when you are starting a new family and buying house and all that exciting grown up stuff. I guess its time to update. I say every time that I'm going to try to update more and be better at it. I am not so sure I can keep up on all my promises. This Year so far as been INSANE. Lucas was born December 31st, 2009. at 12:51 P.M. He couldn't wait another 11 hours I guess. but we were so happy to have him finally hear. Pregnancy was getting harder and harder. he was a healthy 5 pound 6 ounce baby. He has been such a joy. Just yesterday he started giggling. I got it on video on my iPhone and I am not really sure how to post it yet on here. I will have to figure it out. my brother left in February and my sister got married on March 18th. and CJ and I moved into the house we bought March 25th. baby's, missions, weddings, buying houses, ALL IN 3 MONTHS.... crazy! I will have to post pictures of the house and Lucas and all that fun stuff. Its hard to blog about all the details when its been so long so I guess we can consider this my update. I'll try again in a week and post pictures and videos. :D SORRY BRI!!! We need to get family photo's taken too.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

5 weeks to go...

We are coming along! 5 Weeks to go and I would be more than happy for our little bundle of joy to come sooner rather than later. My poor ribs may not survive much longer! I live with my wheat sack. It seems to be the only thing that relieves the pain.

We spent 2 weeks in Utah starting the Monday before Thanksgiving. It was fun to be able to see friends and family that we don't get to see all the time. It was sort of my last hooray before I have Lucas. before I left my mom said... "OKAY... SEE YOU AT BABY TIME!" while clapping her hands! (omg.... its already almost here!!!) Labor thoughts have officially sinked in! I know a million women go thru it every day and survive... BUT... When it comes to me and pain... we don't mix! We are not friends! At the same time, I just want to get it over with.

In those 2 weeks my little sister has discovered that she is no longer going on a mission which she was supposed to leave for December 16th, but instead, she is getting married! YAY! how exciting! and completely unexpected! But she is so happy!! I would say that we are going to be having a VERY big 2010! baby, wedding, my brother Landon leaving on a mission, other brother getting baptized. FUN UPCOMING YEAR!

We got an amazing deal on a dresser/changing table! We got it all set up last night and our room ALMOST ready. There are still a few things left to do. Getting the television out, and a rocking chair of some sort, in. other than that, for the most part. I think we are just about there. There are a few things that we still need but... its a slow process.

While we were in Utah, My cousin, Stuart, took some maternity pictures of me at 33 weeks. I love em! They really worked just the way I wanted them to.

That's all I have for now! We will, for sure, keep you all posted. We love you and thank you for everybodys love and support!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carvin' pumkins, McNichols Family Pictures, CJ's Birthday, & Halloween

We have made some new friends, Jess & Cody. Its been so much fun to hang out with them. They have a little one year old boy who is so adorable. at the beginning of the month we carved some pumpkins.

Friend Jess with her pumpkin

Creepy face, creepy Knife, poor innocent pumpkin. CJ going Dexter on his pumpkin

This is all too familiar for him... lol. JK

our finished pumpkins

We went to Utah for about a week to see David before he left for Afghanistan and while we were there we got some McNichols family pictures taken.

Picture of CJ and I when we got photos taken. and little Lucas. :) (note: belly stickin' out)

My Favorite photo of the family

CJ's birthday was the 28th. 23 years old and hes beginning to feel a little old. lol. remember when you are so little and you think that 16 is old? Its like that! lol!

CJ opening his gift bag. Happy 23rd!

His favorite treat from his dad And I love this picture of our little fur ball. She is the sweetest thing in the world and couldn't have a cuter personality! She didn't want to be anywhere but on CJ's lap. I snapped a picture and turned out perfect! She thinks shes gunna get some cheez-its. ha ha

Birthday candles!

We got invited to hang out with Jess and Cody and some friends that were in town for Halloween. They had never been here before so we went to the strip. I had to pull together some last minute costumes but they turned out great.


Our friends Jess & Cody! She made a really cute vampire! He was a good 80's rocker as well... but was a little scary! ha ha!

CJ in full costume

Me in full costume. I got asked quite a few times if my belly was real, CJ was afraid somebody was going to come up and just hit it. But it went well. lol.

I couldn't help but put this one on here. This guy was on stilts and was so creepy! but Oh so fun! The costumes that run around on the strip are so crazy to look at. I have no idea what this guy was but was fun!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time to Update

So, I know its been several months. I have had a couple people ask me if everything was ok. and a couple get upset because I had announced I was pregnant and then didn't say anything after that. So, for those people who are curious... EVERYTHING is FINE! :D First trimester was a rough ride. while trying to hold food down and not succeeding, I lost 25 pounds. the only vitamins I could take were Flintstones and CJ was banned from pretty much everything. But I got through it and everything has been great. Baby is growing and is very strong, and violent. I had an ultrasound at 18 weeks and found out that we are going to have a baby boy. CJ was so excited, while the rest of my family was a little bummed that there was going to be yet ANOTHER boy in the family. He kicks hard and strong in the most uncomfortable places you could imagine. We are at 25 weeks. Due January 15th. About a week before my birthday. Name is Lucas Joseph McNichols. We are so excited to add him to our little family.
We have added another member to our family recently as well. Her name is Penny, and we love her so much. She really is keeping us on our feet and teaching us patience with trying to potty train and teaching her not to chew on things. she is half cocker spaniel, half Chihuahua. She is so sweet.
Besides all that excitement, CJ and I are moving into a house. We have put a couple of offers in a couple of houses but haven't gotten them. Its a hard and long process but we hope that we can get into something soon that we both love. I will keep you all posted on that as it comes. I am so excited for the holidays to come. And I cant wait to get into my own place so I can have my very first own Christmas tree. :D
That really is all that is going on in our lives. it seems like its much more crazy considering I haven't updated for months. We got family pictures taken a week ago so I should have some pictures to post here in a little bit. I have a few pictures that I can post of some activities we have done in the past. but we really haven't done much.
We celebrated our one year anniversary on September 12th. I can not believe it has been a year already. Time has flown by so fast! We celebrated by taking a short trip to California. We went on a short boat ride out to the ocean and got to see real blue whales in their own natural habitat. It was incredible. I got some really awesome pictures of the whales tale before he went down for his 20 minute feeding. We also got to see some dolphins that thought it would be fun to swim right next to the boat. I could have reached out and touched them if I wanted to. Pictures are below.
CJ is keeping busy with work at the FBO here. He loves it, as he is around airplanes every day. He can not wait to get is pilot training finished so that he can fly himself. Hope you all are feeling better now that you know that everything is fine. :D pictures are below.

20 Weeks

Penny! she looks so little in this picture. aww.... I just love that girl!


View from the beach where CJ proposed back in May of 08'

Whale tail! so freaking cool.... once in a life time chance to see something like that!

Us on the boat

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Take a guess!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our new niece!

CJ and I got a new new niece a couple weeks ago. Her name is sienna! I took a trip with Sue to Utah so she could see her new granddaughter. she was so perfect!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I just wanted to test this out! I am posting this from my phone as a text message. Isn't this world amazing? I want to see if I can send a picture too. So crazy!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

so, again, its been a while. i havent had TOO much to post other than I got a new camera so there is MORE to come. CJ got a job and started about a month ago and he is loving every minute of it. FINALLY, i feel like our life is beginning, not put on hold. :) With that said, I am still looking! I will post more later when i have so pictures and stuff.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

#1 Song

this was sort of interesting. I tried to post the music on this one post but it wouldnt let me for some reason. sad! anyway, enjoy!

Do you know what the #1 song was the day that you were born?

The #1 song the day I was born was "Un-break my heart" by Toni Braxton
The #1 song the day I was baptized was "Creep" by TLC
The #1 song the day I graduated high school was "We belong together" by Mariah Carey
The #1 song he day I got engaged was "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis
The #1 song the day I got married was "Whatever you like: by T.I.

Now it's your turn...give it a is the link...just for fun:

Monday, March 9, 2009

I know its been FOREVER!!!

I know its been a long time since i have posted anything. I have been quite the little slacker! I apologize. although, i got no complaints so I am assuming that nobody really noticed? Anyway, as an update.... CJ GOT A JOB!!! and yes, i am clapping my hands and jumping up and down with joy as I say this as we really needed it! He is working on the private side of the airport. he tows private jets, fuels them, greets the pilots and the people in the jet and helps with bags. I am sure there is more that he does but I am not sure what else there is. He works with my 2 cousins Richard & Michael Olds. He will probably see a lot of famous people as well. only everyone and their dog comes at LEAST once a year. Brad Pitt was here just a few weeks ago. :) Anyway, that is pretty much all the good news I have. I have posted some pictures of some fun times the last month and a half. I guess I will just explain them as I go.

Just me and rose! she didn't want to be anywhere else but on me that day! shes weird sometimes!

Superbowl Weekend, Elizabeth & Jill came to visit. What a special treat it was and thank heavens they got here safe. some pedestrian was walking across I-15. assuming he was highly toxicated and the two just happened to be the ones who had to dodge him. they missed him by inches and they got here safe but BOY, what a scare!!!

on the way to the Frisbee park

and the gang playing Frisbee. i believe this is hole # 2

me throwing my Frisbee.... you can see it in the sky.... kinda looks like a UFO! BUT PURPLE! ha ha


and they brought bubbles! I was excited!

he he!

Jill and I watching the boys play basketball (mike and cj)

this is the three of us before heading to the strip!

Jill and Elizabeth

our SUPER cool sunglasses!

three of us by the fountain

and the 4 of us! amazing picture! I don't know how CJ got all of us in one picture.

next day watching the super bowl

CJ got to finally go on his ride a long with Richard as the pilot. hes so cute with his head set on!

The airplane

This is our neighborhood! cool!!!!

When we went to drill in February, we got to go out with Elizabeth, David, holly, and kynslie. We went to Wingers and then to a movie. Kynslie is getting so big and so dang cute! he finally walks and is starting to talk. ha ha... here he is with David

and holly!

CJ has been looking online and stuff for people to play tennis with him. this guy randomly emailed him and told him that he wanted to play so he did and I went to go watch my husband do his thing! here he is serving.... you can barely see the ball at the top of the picture.
and getting ready to serve.

Me freezing my toosh off!!!

and CJ trying to COOL off! and lookin good. AS ALWAYS!

SO i am sad that I didn't get pictures of the huge scavenger hunt i sent CJ on for valentines and the ending prize was him coming home to a candle lite dinner. it was so fun. but, i didn't get pictures. MY valentines gift was my fish and frog so let me introduce you to:

Spike and.....


The day after valentines day, we went to go look at a bird that one of sues clients wanted to give to her. we fell in love with him at first sight and told her to get him. it took us a few days to name him but his name is mango! the 2nd day that we had him, he was sitting on the top and he flew down to the bottom. nobody was in the room and the dogs got to him. he was a very lucky bird that i happened to walk in the room to save his life. he lost a tail feather and a few other feathers but otherwise, he was ok! I was his best friend after that. he stopped biting me and drawing blood! ha ha! he does have a squawk from you know where though. he is very loud but we love him!

One day we went bowling with Mike and Richard! Richard had this hat on that we all just had to wear and take pictures!

us at the bowling alley
We were laughing

Richard and mike and their bowling balls

our bowling balls

Afterwards we went to ihop and got some creeps. Micheal and 2 other girls. i cant remember them... lol.... anyway, they didn't have forks so yeah..... picture explains all!

2 weekends ago. CJ and I went camping for the first time together. we got to use all of the camping stuff that we got for our wedding and it was SOOOO much fun. We stayed at boulder beach campground at lake mead. the first night was really cold and windy so we stayed in the tent.

The next day, We decided to drive down the street and go to the marina. as we were walking down the board walk. there were these fish.... ugly fish. and really really big. they are not afraid of you. in fact they will swim right up to you and come to the surface and open their mouth so you will feed them. it was maddness!

Some lady was feeding them and they all went nuts! It was a battle between the fish and the ducks!
The Marina. it was really pretty with all the boats and the mountain. it was cool!

we went to breakfast at the little restaurant there. CJ got his leftovers to go. and we made a face!

after tha marina, we decided to go to the hoover dam. i had never been.
this is a picture of the new freeway that is being built to make it easier to get to arizona. it was so cool!!!!

I have no idea but i heard if you rub their feet, they will give you good luck!

CJ at the dam

and me

And then my camera died so there are no more pictures! but it was a lot of fun! anyway. i think that is all of it. hope you enjoyed and I will try to update more frequently... i think i said that last time though. oh well... love you all!!!!